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Comprehensive 100 Hours

ACT Program

Diagnostic exam, introduction to format of ACT exam, important beginner strategies (plug and check, elimination, learning types and behavior).

Introducing to Reading Passages and the RGFM, No, PorP strategy. Introduction to English Grammar and what rules are required to know for ACT. Introduction to Math (Preparing for Higher Math - Number & Quantity)

Continue mathematics (integers, rational exponents, vectors and matrices). Learn about various math strategies. Introducing to Reading Passages: Learn about passage types and questions asked (vocabulary in context questions, specific questions, main idea questions).

Introduction to Algebra (solving, graphing and modeling expressions, understanding linear, polynomial, radical and exponential relationships.) Introduce reading strategies to each student to find out which strategy works for each student.

Continue Algebra (methods on how to solve systems of equations, simple matrices and advanced algebra questions). Continue reading passages and strategies. Switch up reading strategies for different groups and pair students with optimal reading strategies.

Heavy focus on ACT English reviewing and covering all required grammar rules and conventions. Practice sessions, quizzes, group work and then transitioning into mathematics (functions).

Brief review and quiz on Heart of Algebra Topics and ACT Writing. Heavy focus on reading passages this week and further introduction to passport to advanced math.

Diagnostic Exam for English, Reading and Math section. Introduction of sciences and important strategies on how to raise your score on the science section.

Detailed review of ACT science - how to interpret, analyze, evaluate and reason when dealing with science section. Review of Algebra and finish off functions in graphs.

Introduction to Geometry (shape properties, surface area, volume, special triangles). Further practice of ACT science with group work. Further practice of ACT reading passages.

Continue to practice ACT English questions followed by finishing off Geometry section by learning about circles, trig ratios, equations of conic sections). Review of struggling topics for students in the classroom.

Introduction to ACT Essay strategies and how to write a proper essay. Cover Stats/Probability, Essential Skills (basic arithmetic and problem-solving skills).

Full Diagnostic Testing, Review, Individual Attention, Topic Reviews

Full Diagnostic Testing, Review, Individual Attention, Topic Reviews

Full Diagnostic Testing, Review, Individual Attention, Topic Reviews

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100 Hours Comprehensive in Class ACT Program

16 Weeks Course

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The Specialized High Schools Admissions Test (SHSAT) is a three-hour exam for students looking to gain admission into one of the eight specialized high schools. The SHSAT Exam can be mastered by any student with the right test prep and practice. We cover in detail every concept your child needs to know for the exam and offer thousands of high-quality practice questions.

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