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K-8 Math & ELA Program

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Math and ELA Program

Whether you are looking to boost your child's state math and ELA scores or just looking to improve your child's grades in class, ArgoPrep is here to help you achieve your goals. We offer homework help and state test prep from grades K-8. We use our award-winning workbooks to help your child learn the material and gain confidence. Give us a call and schedule an appointment to see how we can help your child succeed! 

Pro Plan: 50 Hours Group Tutoring

Our 50 hour plan offers parents with an affordable solution that comes with incredible resources. When you sign up for 50 hours of tutoring, you receive our math and English workbooks for free along with 6 months of access to our online resources. That's over ($200) in free resources and the hourly rate for tutoring at our center is just $20.99 per hour.  Our tutors are ivy league graduates, specialized high school graduates, and tutors with years of experience preparing students for exams. 

Scratch Workbook Included

Advanced Plan: 25 Hours Group Tutoring

Our 25 hour plan also includes our math and English workbooks that your child will get to keep. Students will work with a tutor in a small group setting with other students in the same grade level range. Our tutors are trained to pinpoint your child's weakness and learning gaps. There's a reason why ArgoPrep is so effective - schedule an appointment to come into our learning center today by calling us at 718- 728 - 7737. 

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Starter Plan: 10 Hours Group Tutoring

Looking to test the waters? This plan is a great start for anyone hesitant to sign up for a 50 hour commitment. Although this plan does not include our online resources, students will still receive our free award-winning math and English workbooks. Our workbooks are state-aligned and used nationwide by teachers and parents as a supplementary resource. Students will work with a tutor in a small group setting with other students in the same grade level range.

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The tutors in ArgoPrep Center are really wonderful. My daughter is in third-grade who is struggling in math. She works with a tutor on a regular basis 3 times a week at their center and we have both seen an improvement in her grades and even happiness. Before she would be shy and not excited to attend school because she was struggling in math. I see a big change in my daughter and I am very happy. We will continue to go there for the foreseeable future. 


Antonina Ribakova

Maksim F.


"My daughter needed help in his biology class and he is in 7th grade in private school. I walked in without an appointment and the owners there really cared about how to best help my son. We came back the next day for his first tutoring session and my son loved his tutor. We already signed up for 50 hours of tutoring. Thank you so much. 

“We have been using ArgoPrep materials for over 4 years already and when I heard they opened a tutoring center in Manhattan Beach, I was very excited since I am about ten minutes away. I have both my children enrolled for homework help and they love it. I had my children in another tutoring center prior to this and the difference is day and night. The team at ArgoPrep goes above and beyond and they have their own workbooks and everything. I am very impressed and highly recommend anyone looking for tutoring to come to their center. ”


Roberta Kim


Daniel Hartman

"I love ArgoPrep's books, both the multiple choice and the free response for 4th grade. They are quite challenging math problems that really require critical thinking, and a true understanding of the relationship between numbers. I am a homeschooling parent, and have used these books for 3rd grade and now 4th grade math. These books provide excellent practice especially in word problems across all topic areas. I highly recommend these books to other parents, both as a homeschooling resource, or simply for extra practice. "

With our 50 Hour Program, you also get 

6-months of FREE access to our online K8 Prep

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