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SAT Program

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About the SAT Exam

The SAT is an intense three hour exam or nearly four hours if you write the essay section. ArgoPrep’s SAT program offers you a comprehensive review of mathematics, reading passages, writing and language, as well as how to write the perfect essay. We are focused on developing individual study plans for each student based on their weakness and what type of learner they are. If you are looking for the best SAT prep course, look no further! We are here to help your child achieve their educational goals.

Scratch Workbook Included

100 Hours Comprehensive in Class
SAT Program

16 Weeks Course

  • Live Tutoring

  • Personalized Study Plan

  • Strategies and Secrets

  • +150 score guaranteed*

  • Placement Diagnostic Test

  • Intensive Program with Real Results

Get into your dream college!

We understand how stressful it can be to prepare for the SAT exam and deciding which college to attend. At ArgoPrep, we are here to guide you every step of the way and our SAT program is geared to help you get the score needed.

Diagnostic exam, introduction to format of SAT exam, important strategies (double/halve method, plug and check, elimination, divisibility rules, exponent laws)

Introducing to Reading Passages: Learn about passage types and questions asked (vocabulary in context questions, specific questions, main idea questions).
Introduction to SAT Math starting with Heart of Algebra.

Learn about the different strategies used for reading passages and figuring out the best passage-reading strategy for students at the individual level (skimming passage followed by reading questions, reading questions first, reading passages in detail).

Learn important strategies including time management techniques. Heart of Algebra continued (linear functions, equations, systems of equations, quadratic equations, functions, absolute value).

Introduction to Writing to SAT Writing (grammar, style, reading comprehension). Continuation of answering passages and heart of algebra topics (dividing polynomials, exponent laws, and review)

Recap of all previous sessions followed by a mini-diagnostic test, group work, and focusing on each student's weak areas by subtopic to bridge gaps of understanding. Heart of Algebra topics heavily focused as SAT math tests heavily on this topic.

Introduction to Passport to Advanced Math (Learn the 14 topics and types of questions College Board provides for this section. SAT Writing and Language continued with further strategies and review. Switch up reading strategies for different groups and pair students with optimal reading strategies.

Brief review and quiz on Heart of Algebra Topics and SAT Writing. Heavy focus on reading passages this week and further introduction to passport to advanced math.

ArgoPrep's SAT program was a life-saver for our family. We enrolled our son in ArgoPrep's program so he can prepare for the SAT. My son has nothing but great things to say about the class. The instructor teaching the class was very engaging and he was able to significantly increase his score. He scored a perfect 800 in the math section (math was always his strongest subject and with the help of ArgoPrep he was able to get the highest score). His score was 1420 and he is very happy. 


Irina Petrova

“I heard about ArgoPrep through one of my friends who had their child enrolled in the SAT program. The staff there and the tutors are very welcoming and knowledgeable. As a parent, I know the SAT is a big exam but other than that we were pretty clueless. We really appreciated that they held a seminar just for parents to walk us through the process and how we can better equip our child to prepare for the exam. The program was 100 hours but my son attended a little over 120 programs and he scored a 1410. We highly recommend Argo's programs to any family. 


Alex Kowatski

  • What makes ArgoPrep different from other SHSAT test prep programs?
    ArgoPrep is one of the top industry leaders when it comes to preparing students for the Specialized High Schools Admissions Test. Unlike other test prep programs that use other companies materials, all of the materials are created by us and the quality speaks for itself. Our SHSAT workbooks have been used by over 30,000 students and on top of our 100 hour intensive in-class program, we also have online resources for our students that offer pre-recorded video lessons and practice questions.
  • How many students are in a class?
    We do not allow more than 15 students in a classroom program to maintain the quality of the program.
  • Will my child get a diagnostic test to assess their level first?
    Absolutely! All enrolled students will be required to take a diagnostic test so we can place them in the correct class schedule according to their performance in the ELA and math section.
  • Can I pay in installments?
    Yes. As an alternative to paying the full program fees you can pay per month.
  • What's your guarantee policy?
    ArgoPrep offers a guarantee in score improvement for the SHSAT exam or your money back. Our policy states a +10 raw score increase. In order to qualify for this, your child must have attended all of the classes and completed at least 90% of the assigned homework.
  • How does my child make up for a class absense?
    If your child cannot attend a class, we will have a make-up date where they can attend to for the missed class. We do not allow for more than three absenses during our SHSAT program. If your child misses more than three scheduled classes, we will only allow three make-up days.
  • Where can I learn more about your program?
    Give us a call today at (718 ) 728 - 7737 and schedule an appointment to come in to our center to take a look at our SHSAT program. Satisfaction Guaranteed!
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