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Comprehensive 100 Hours

SAT Program

Diagnostic exam, introduction to format of SAT exam, important strategies (double/halve method, plug and check, elimination, divisibility rules, exponent laws)

Introducing to Reading Passages: Learn about passage types and questions asked (vocabulary in context questions, specific questions, main idea questions).
Introduction to SAT Math starting with Heart of Algebra.

Learn about the different strategies used for reading passages and figuring out the best passage-reading strategy for students at the individual level (skimming passage followed by reading questions, reading questions first, reading passages in detail).

Learn important strategies including time management techniques. Heart of Algebra continued (linear functions, equations, systems of equations, quadratic equations, functions, absolute value).

Introduction to Writing to SAT Writing (grammar, style, reading comprehension). Continuation of answering passages and heart of algebra topics (dividing polynomials, exponent laws, and review)

Recap of all previous sessions followed by a mini-diagnostic test, group work, and focusing on each student's weak areas by subtopic to bridge gaps of understanding. Heart of Algebra topics heavily focused as SAT math tests heavily on this topic.

Introduction to Passport to Advanced Math (Learn the 14 topics and types of questions College Board provides for this section. SAT Writing and Language continued with further strategies and review. Switch up reading strategies for different groups and pair students with optimal reading strategies.

Brief review and quiz on Heart of Algebra Topics and SAT Writing. Heavy focus on reading passages this week and further introduction to passport to advanced math.

Group practice and finish up Passport to Advanced Math topics. Review of Command of Evidence, Words in Content, Standard English Conventions and Expression of Ideas followed by diagnostic testing.

Introduction to problem solving and data analysis (ratios, proportions, graphs, scatterplots, probabilities). SAT reading passages continued with an emphasis of understanding passage topics (social science, science, U.S./ world literature based passages) and what types of questions to expect.

Continue problem solving and data analysis topics (mean, median, mode and advanced statistics questions). SAT Essay format and practice.

Heavy focus and practice on the heart of algebra, passport to advanced math topics, and problem solving/data analysis topics. SAT Essay continued with tips and strategies.

Introduction to Additional topics (there are only a few questions asked for these topics: coordinate geometry, circles, lines/angles, special triangles, trig and complex numbers). Practice continued for the reading passage.

Full Diagnostic Testing, Review, Individual Attention, Topic Reviews

Full Diagnostic Testing, Review, Individual Attention, Topic Reviews

Full Diagnostic Testing, Review, Individual Attention, Topic Reviews

Full Diagnostic Testing, Review, Individual Attention, Topic Reviews

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100 Hours Comprehensive in Class SAT Program

16 Weeks Course

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The SAT is a three-hour exam for students looking to gain admission into any college of their choice. The SAT Exam can be mastered by any student with the right test prep and practice. We cover in detail every concept your child needs to know for the exam and offer thousands of high-quality practice questions.

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