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Comprehensive 100 Hours

SHSAT Program

Diagnostic exam, introduction to the format of SHSAT exam, important strategies (double/halve method, plug, and check, elimination, divisibility rules, exponent laws).

Arithmetic foundational overview (real numbers including integers, prime numbers, rational numbers, irrational numbers, number sequences, factors and multiples). Revising/Editing foundational overview (grammar rules).

Arithmetic continued (fractions, decimals, arithmetic operations, percentages, ratios, rates, and absolute value). Revising/Editing continued and introduction to reading comprehension passages and strategies.

Algebra foundational overview (algebraic expressions, coordinate planes, slopes, intercepts). Reading comprehension passages (main idea, detail, inference, vocabulary).

Recap of all previous sessions followed by a diagnostic test, group work, and focusing on each student's weak areas by subtopic to bridge gaps of understanding.

Algebra continued (functions, relations, linear equations and quadratic equations). Revising/Editing practice and introduction to poems.

Algebra continued (inequalities, rules of exponents and roots). Reading comprehension - literary prose texts.

Geometry foundational overview (special triangles and pythagorean theorem). Further practice on poems and literary prose texts.

Geometry continued (properties and measurements of circles and working with polygons). Detailed review of informational texts that include visual or quantitative graphic type questions.

Geometry continued (perimeter, area, volume, properties and measurements of three-dimensional figures). Further practice of ELA questions involving visual or quantitative graphic type questions.

Review of Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Revising/Editing, Reading Comprehension Passages

Mid-test (very important week to key in on students weak areas). Individual attention on working on closing learning gaps to subtopics students struggle with.

Data Interpretation foundational overview (descriptive statistics, understanding data from charts and graphs, frequency distributions). New strategies to tackle informational texts, literary prose texts, and poems.

Data interpretation continued (probability, permutations, mean, median, mode). Refresher on revising/editing grammar rules.

Full-length practice tests and detailed review

Full-length practice tests and detailed review

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100 Hours Comprehensive in Class SHSAT Program

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The Specialized High Schools Admissions Test (SHSAT) is a three-hour exam for students looking to gain admission into one of the eight specialized high schools. The SHSAT Exam can be mastered by any student with the right test prep and practice. We cover in detail every concept your child needs to know for the exam and offer thousands of high-quality practice questions.